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Covid 19 Re-opening Info

WJTTC is Reopening Tuesday, May 4th!

These are the current rules and are subject to change:

Until further notice, we will have a maximum of 25 people in the club at one time, due to socially distanced seating area available.

Due to the limit on the number of people we can accommodate, players will need to reserve a spot at the club via email to wjttclub@hotmail.com by 6:00 pm each night. The player must receive a reply from the club confirming their spot. Please also email the club if you need to cancel, so that another person can have your spot.

New routines will be reviewed and adjusted as state and local regulations change.

If a player tests positive for Covid at any time, they must notify the club for contact tracing purposes.

If a player starts to feel sick while at the club, they must notify an officer and leave immediately.

Players must be symptom free for 7 days, fever free and without a cough for 72 hours, unless they are quarantined because of contact with known Covid-19 patient in which case they must obey the 14 day quarantine before coming to the club. (Symptoms: Shortness of breath, dry cough, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, body aches, mucus or phlegm, sore throat, headache, chills, loss of smell or taste, stuffy nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.)

Masks are required at all times except when playing.

What players should bring: a face mask; hand sanitizer if they have it; a hand towel; have exact dues amount if at all possible (we can accept Venmo for electronic payment).

Follow the social distancing, hand sanitizing and cleaning rules as posted at the club.

Players who do not follow new routines after a friendly reminder or two, or show open resistance, will be asked to leave.

Discourage use of water fountain; encourage players to bring bottled water instead.

No doubles until the state/local health department guidance ends requirement for social distancing.

League nights will continue as usual. Only one person in each group will record scores/handle the clipboard and pen.

Sign In Process:

Temperature scan before sign in; if fever is detected, player will be sent home.

Players use hand sanitizer before sign in.

Sign in Sheet and Waiver sheets will be taped down with blue tape, so people don't have to hold it still to write on.

2 cups of pens, one clean, one used.
Encourage members to bring their own pen. Wipe down pens from used cup to refill clean cup.

Have COVID specific waiver sheet to be signed (only needed once per person, not for each session - track who has signed, mark on Sign in Sheet and on attendance spreadsheet).

Make sure we have contact info, in case we need to contact players about a covid positive.
Players do not handle money envelope; volunteer will take money and place in envelope, give change if needed, get waiver signed and put aside, mark receipt of waiver on Sign in sheet and spreadsheet; everyone sanitize hands afterwards if handling money.
Venmo can be used as optional payment method.

Player Instructions:

Players keep six feet apart when entering and signing in, and moving about the room.
Seating will be 1 chair for every 6 ft of wall space; place your bags on the floor
Retrieve game balls that come into your seating area
Walk on table side of barriers to keep distance from seated players
Putting Up and Taking Down Tables:
People putting up a table also take a tote box set up for each table with hand sanitizer, table cleaner, paper towels, and trash bag; sanitize hands when done setting up table.
At the end of the session, tables should have been cleaned by the last people to use them.
People putting away a table (and bringing the supplies tote back to the stage) sanitize hands when done.

Bathroom Use:

Use a paper towel to handle door lock upon entering
Use forearm to press paper towel dispensing bar
Use a paper towel to press flush lever
Players wash hands for 20 seconds when done
Use a paper towel to open the door, push doorstop in place with foot before leaving.

Waiting list:

Waiting list is now a Dry Erase board. Clean and Used marker bins will be provided; when clean bin gets low, the used pens will be wiped down and moved back to the clean bin.
One person can write in names of several people to reduce the number of people using pens (reduces frequency of cleaning used pens).


Players refrain from wiping hands on a table to dry them;
players should bring a towel or rag for drying sweaty hands.
If your sweat gets on the table, clean your hands at the end of the game, and then use spray cleaner to clean your side of the table before changing ends.
After each game, players clean hands, and ball owner cleans the ball.
When changing ends, walk on opposite side of table from your opponent.
Players wipe down the table top at the end of each match.
No handshakes, no high fives, no elbow bumps; just say something like nice game wave and leave the table.

Sanitizing of Facility:

Doors & Handles:

Outside Entrance will be propped open
Inner Doors, entrance side and bathroom side - prop open unless wind is coming into playing area

Sign In Area:

Clean about six feet of counter area for sign in, marked with blue tape. (See below for sign in procedure.)


Powder room will be disinfected with cleaner to include the door lock/handle, the light switch, sink, faucet handles, toilet handle, seat and lid. The light switch will be turned on, and left on until the end of the night.

Water Fountain:
Fountain will be wiped down at start of session. We are discouraging use, but put paper towels will be nearby, if needed, to use when pressing button.
Sanitizing and Placement of Equipment/Furniture:


Space chairs 6+ feet apart (will need to use both sides of the room; 10 on each long wall)
One chair per person. Players put all bags on floor
Barriers will be 6 feet from chairs
Please walk on table side of barriers to keep distance from seated players


Clean net brackets

Club Paddles:
Wipe down best half dozen, put the rest away; put in a bin marked clean club paddles, have another bin for used club paddles; clean these before session or at the end of the night. (Use only soapy water on rubber)

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